I will admit it, I am impressed!  Whoever engineered this beautiful work of art deserves every bit of praise and accolades out there.  A young lady in my art class had shown me a picture of this on her smartphone, and recommended that I take a similar picture with my DSLR.  I’m glad I listened to her.  I knew the minute I spotted this in person, that it was gonna be not only a part of my 365 photo journal, but on my blog as well!  And with receiving over a foot of snow in recent weeks, it’s pretty darn obvious where all the snow came from to make this possible.  A huge thanks to Vicki (my classmate) for recommending this to me.  She’s a photographer as well.  And it was also obvious that due to the cold outside, I had to make every second count for each shot that I took (I only took two).  As attractive as this centerpiece was/is, inclement weather was not on my side today!

But I’m happy with the outcome of this.  By the time you see this, it’ll be on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and a few other social networks that I’m on.