My first home from home.  A renovated apartment converted into condominiums.  My stay there wasn’t a long one, but I still cherish my time there.  I lived there in the early 2000s, and having access to a lot of amenities (some of them on foot), it sure beat the hood.  Due to a lack of time, and for personal reasons, I won’t delve into the negatives (on my end) about my staying there.  That being said, I’ll just say a few sentences about the positives.  One of the best things was my car insurance dropped like a stone, a Pizza Hut was around the corner, it’s still there today, a Subway, fire station, sporting goods store, a plaza that featured a beauty school, liquor store, and an Enterprise Rental.  While all the other businesses branched off from the plaza, the beauty school has since taken over the plaza and it it doing very well today. We even had car dealerships within walking distance!  They have since either folded, or relocated.  Such a contrast to where I used to live.  And because of poor management on the end of the sales department, the hype of having the renovated apartments occupied kinda back fired.  So much that some unsold units have been reverted back into apartments.  Last I heard, they still run the complex.  We did have one lady, her name’s Nancy, who saw to it that things got done!  Whatever the tenants needed, she was on it!  And sadly she ended up leaving because very little money was being made, and at the time there were only a few of us living there.  One of the original residents still stay there, he’s hard to keep up with, and most of us ended up leaving.  I have, in recent months, en route to the Kingdom Hall where I used to fellowship in that area, stopped by the complex to travel memory lane once more.  And I came across the new owner outside smoking a cigarette, and we chatted for a few minutes, and he revealed that he and his sister had moved in, and they love it, and I’m happy for him (and his sister).  I revealed that I used to live there over a decade ago.  We talked for about ten minutes, and I wished him well.

Here are some pics from Google Image Search.  Prior to the new owner (who’s name I’ll leave anonymous), it still looked the same.  For obvious reasons, because the property has been re-occupied in recent months, if not years, I left the address of my former residence anonymous.