I’ve had this beautiful timepiece for ten years now.  I put this on layaway in ’05, and paid it off in ’06!  To this day I very seldom wear this thing.  I bought this to commemorate my then-ten years on the job.  I was-then and now-planning to have “Ten Years 1995-2005” engraved on the bezel.  Whether or not that’s feasible, I do not know, but I sure as heck will try.  My reasons for even posting this was that I was gonna wear it, and it was no longer working.  I took it to Helzberg, and they recommended that I sit the watch under some light for a few days.  Nothing.  A week.  Nothing.  Another week and some change, no dice!  So I went to Helzberg again, and had to do what I feared the most. Let them send the watch over to Citizen HQ.  Which I was able to do.  So some weeks-a month at the latest-had passed, and I got the green light to pick the watch back up (praise God).  By biggest anxiety was that the cost of the repair was gonna be as much as the watch, which it wasn’t, thankfully.  Because I had this thing for so long, and for the sentimental reasons stated in this entry so far, I still place a very high value on this thing because it was my personal gift for ten consecutive, and successful years with the Detroit Board of Ed, and I had this thing for a decade now, and with the exception of some scuffs on the band, the watch still looks brand new.  I’m embarrassed to submit after all these years that even with the manual, learning this thing was like-to quote Jeff Foxworthy:   “…like a monkey doin’ a math problem.”, but I still cherish this thing no matter what.

Heck, I’m still impressed by how this image turned out.  You can see the second hand in motion, yet the picture is a still-life one!