Something that I’d like to do more often, especially during the inclement winter season.  A brief study that I did of a lit lamp sans shade in my room.  I cranked up the exposure comp and left the ISO at 800, went on Ribbet (a Picnik knock-off) and added a touch of high dynamic range (HDR) to give it a bit of a bled as well as a magnetic appearance, added the traditional B&W, with a vignette.  Reasons being that the cartoons that always have the mad genius on it whenever he has a revelation pop up at a spur-of-the-moment notice.  And also, I’ve had an epiphany just now about biblical references about converting from darkness to light, and no matter how dark a situation is, it can always be brightened up.  I have to come to realise that light represents purity, knowledge, wisdom, protection, and even discipline.  Light is a revelation in itself to say the least.  And the contrast between darkness and light has always brought out an interesting backstory.  Notice how on the left darkness is at its thickness, whereas on the right, the light is very dominant eventually working its way to illuminate the entire picture.

Just some creative stuff that I did.  Like I said earlier, I need to do this more often, especially during this time of year.  There’s plenty to do at home as far as photography goes…

That’s it for tonight.