Some more Auto Show pics from last month, the Cadillac ATS.  I’ll be honest.  I was shocked that Caddy had gone from luxury to sport these past 15 years.  Only thing that disappointed me was that these powerhouse vehicles no longer have their iconic V8 engines.  But like I stated about the new Chevy Impala, I, too, thought that this vehicle was emasculated because of the downgrade in blocks (engines, that is) installed in these vehicles.  The unstable cost of gasoline was one, the economy was another, and the cost of these vehicles, including the size of the engines, to name a few…

But on the bright side, this vehicle comes in both two-door, and four-door.  Multi-speed automatic, or six-speed standard transmission, good gas mileage.  I forget which European racing circuit the Cadillac is in, but it’s one of the popular circuits.  Despite of all the hype, it was a good chance to snap some good pics.  Hope you like ’em!