Last month, I did a night shot of this beautiful downtown capital of Macomb County, now here’s a day shot of it.  My heart will always be with Mt. Clemens no matter what.  Now all I gotta do is wait for this polar vortex to subside, and I can really throw down and take some butt-kickin’ pics like I used to do.

I hate to keep harping on this, but I miss my friend so much.  I watched the tribute video that I did for her the other night, and it’s hard to believe that come May 21, it’ll be a year since her passing.  I still feel the void that she left, but Mary remains with me in spirit, and I’m positive that something will come out of this unfortunate breakup between us.  Almost hard not to cry watching it now…

I would talk to her at-length about my short time living here in the Clinton Township area, and I think she did do some photography out here with other photographers (I wasn’t present at the time).  I told her that I’d come back (I’m in the Shores now), and I did.  Mission accomplished!

But life goes on, with you or without you, I’ve learned.  That said, I do my best to seize every opportunity, and make every second count!  I can only imagine what lies ahead once the snow melts.  I’m still focused on getting my camera even tho it may be obsolete soon, but I’m determined to get it regardless.  As I embrace the third month of my 365 project, I try to come up with various subjects to shoot, and eventually post them here.  If the picture is worth giving a backstory to it, I’ll post my picture per day on my blog.

And BTW, this pic, and (especially) the night version of it, was favourited, shared, and re-tweeted multiple times since I’ve posted it.

That’s it for tonight.