A recent pic from my 365.  Something that I said that I was gonna do, make some pancakes with some maple flavoured whiskey.  Long story short, I had some Crown Royal Maple, and I was about to slap somebody!  It was that good!

Fast forward to this picture.  I bought some shots of Jim Beam Maple Whiskey (the store I went to only had a fifth of CR Maple, I currently lack funds for it), and went to work.  So here goes!

1 chopped Granny Smith Apple

1 teaspoon Brown Sugar

Sprinkle(s) of Ground Cinnamon

1 shot of Jim Beam’s Maple Whiskey

All of which goes in any pancake mix of your choice.  I prefer Trader Joe’s.

And of course, my trademark omelette.

Try the pancake mix and let me know whatcha think.