Some extra pics of the themes of the 2015 Auto show in Detroit.  The first of which was/is this wire design of the 2015 Mustang.  I’ll give a brief backstory behind each image whilst time permits.  Enjoy the pics, I think you’ll love ’em!


One of my favourites designs with a touch of elegant German engineering.  I had to stand in the middle of it to get a good central perspective shot of it.  I don’t know what it is, but it, in my opinion, is beautiful.  Love the fan blade pattern.


Now these four images speak for themselves.  The namesake in the second picture gives proof of that.  But for the last five years or less, the extracting/retracting ball in the first picture has remained a main attraction at the Lincoln display.  The kids love it each and every time.  The third and fourth picture were the ones that attracted me the most.  A cluster of unleveled wooden blocks consist of a wall with human-length/full-size speakers that could give BOSE a run for their money.  It had a 60s vibe with a nightclub aura.  And with Stevie Wonder blaring in the background, you just couldn’t go wrong.  Not on that night, anyway.


Now due to a huge crowd, and a lack of both time and space, I only had seconds to get a shot of this giant spinning top chair.  Not many adults was on this thing, I won’t even lie about it, I have thought about it.  And the only adults on it were probably hammered after too many beers (just sayin’), but the kids were having a ball on these things.  Heck, I got dizzy watching people on ’em!


These two images are the former Cobo Arena.  It was converted into a major plaza in recent years.  The arena was turned into a ballroom/nightclub, a string of restaurants, an atrium that faces the Detroit River neighbouring Windsor, Ontario, CA.  Not much to explain right now, but seeing that this renovation was recent, the images speak for themselves.


Cobo Arena (now Hall) from the outside.


New road signs facing Cobo Hall.


As always, a night shot of downtown Detroit with a touch of HDR and black and white.

Thanks for observing.