Seeing that I’m virtually down to the wire for cash, I had to use what little resources that I have to improvise since I cannot at present afford to buy some fancy stuff for my new place.  That being said, I bought lots of (cheap) canvas, lots of (cheap) paints, lots of (cheap) brushes, and one of them fell apart earlier tonight, I might add.  You get the idea either way.

I’ve been meaning to do this piece for a long time.  Originally I made a similar design on my iPad last year, and vowed to put it on canvas.  Less than 12 months later, mission accomplished!

With the events I’ve endured this past year, Mary’s passing, losing my job, being rear-ended, my grandmother passing, unemployment ran out, surviving on annuities, this past year has been HELLACIOUS to say the very least!  So I needed something to ease my mind from all the stress, going to the gym has been a monumental relief for me, and next to that, back to the beginning for drawing and painting.  I never was that much, or good, for that matter, as a painter, but every little bit helps at this point in time…

So this, next to working out, has been another avenue for me.  Clears the mind, keeps it off of things it has no business entertaining.  And what better way to start it off than painting an old single-lens reflex camera with a few Polaroid prints and a film roll/strip in the background.  I posted this on Instagram the other day, and got a very positive response to it.  I made another one earlier tonight, and hopefully by sometime tomorrow, I’ll have another one made.

Like I said, I never was much of a painter, but I’ll try anything once!  More to come, God willing.