Something that I did on a whim.  Had a small canvas, and made a painting of small tray with a bottle of wine, a glass, a cork, and an orange on it.  Having no idea of how far creativity can take you, due to limited resources, I took some toothpicks and scooped up some colours from one part of my palette to the other side, and mixed it up leaving the nice juicy red wine that you see in the painting.  The fiery-red background calls to mind parts of the Mediterranean.  Especially in Spain and Italy where these colours are very common.  Reminds of the time I was uptown in recent years and attended some wine tastings of my own.  Some of which had come from parts of the globe I’d least expect wine to come from.  But it was good, and worth the trip.  My reasons for this piece is something for the kitchen when I repaint in a few months, and also a reminder of having friends and family over and (for those who are not alcoholics) to always have some good wine handy.  The stories I could tell about some vintages I’ve had in recent years.  Like I said earlier, I’ve had wines from parts of the world that the average connoisseur would least expect.

Maybe in time, with a little more practice and patience, the more I do this, the better I’ll get at this, God willing.  Never was much of a painter, let alone a good one!  But I’ll try anything once.

To your health (in moderation, of course),