One of the major perks of being a photographer is that sometimes you do not have to look for things to capture, half the time they find you!  That being said, being unemployed, this inclement weather putting a damper on things, can be very very challenging to say the least.

After class earlier today, I was gonna find some locations to start shooting, but the snow had said otherwise.  Long story short, I was very tired after class because of a limited amount of sleep I’ve gotten from the night before.  So I had just enough energy to get out my DSLR and look for something to take some shots of.  I had heard clicking on my window in my bedroom, and noticed that the rain/snow had turned into ice just as the weatherman predicted (he was actually right for a change), and I saw these beautiful crystal-like streams of ice just glistening on my window.  I quickly grabbed my DSLR and put the lens through the blinds and for the most part, these beautiful bokehs came out.  I did, however, encounter some problems along the way.  I switched from “A” (Aperture) to Auto w/ No Flash, didn’t work as good as the images in aperture mode, next thing I know, I had reverse bokeh images.  This went on for about two, or three minutes, then it occurred to me after I reverted back to “A”; lower your ISO exposure.  For many months I’ve had my DSLR on either 800, or 1000.  Apparently I’ve forgotten the fact that as a photographer, you have to change your ISO settings for different things (which explains why some of my images were very “noisy” (grainy, that is).  So once I made that change, that eliminated much confusion, not to mention frustration that was, thankfully well-avoided!

So I dropped my ISO to 200, and snapped a few more shots.  Impressed with how they had turned out, I decided to retire my camera for the day.  But that’s not all!  Not just yet, anyway…

Later on tonight, I had edited one of my best shots (the one you see on this entry, obviously), and before I was even gonna break down element by element how I was gonna present this piece, I went on Ribbet, and selected “Auto-Fix”, and believe it or not, I didn’t have to do anything else after that!  I was amazed at how the image pretty much took care of itself!  No HDR, not even a black and white version.  This was enough for this particular picture.  The crispness, sharpness, and even the vividness of this pic speak for themselves.  Like the adage goes:  “What’cha see is what’cha get!”  In this case (as with the most cases of daily life), literally!

I hope to, one day, do a blog entry of some bokeh shots!  And here’s the beauty of this; you can use any camera, even a smartphone/tablet.  Don’t knock it till ya try it!