Last night I had the opportunity to try out some new things.  The only thing on this plate that I did have on previous occasions was the veggie roll that you see here.  But the other two that I had was to die for, literally!  Kung-Pao chicken with onions, hot peppers, and peanuts with a special sauce (the name escapes me right now), along with a slice of garlic naan.  The simultaneous use of various functions on a stove can work many wonders in just under 30 minutes, if that!  The veggie rolls took about 25 minutes alone, which made the time to cook the chicken before adding the fixin’s to ’em while cooking the naan bread.  The bread, however, had taken the least amount of time!  Ten minutes to be exact!  So to avoid burning the bread to a crisp, I checked it once or twice while cooking.  It was nice and fluffy to say the least.  The rolls had about another 15 minutes left, and the chicken was nice and tender thanks to a nice hot frying pan with olive oil in it.  Then I added the veggies, and sauce, and then the peanuts, in that order like the instructions said!

To say that this was delicious was an understatement.  And stop me if I get a bit too graphic on this one!  And I mean no disrespect to my Asian friends out there.  But I felt the Kung, and later the Pao!  But it was worth every bite, and I’d do it again, it was that good!


And for dessert, chopped pineapples, strawberries, a red delicious apple, and my personal favourite, a blood orange from Nino Salvaggio’s International Fruit Market in St Clair Shores, MI.  A suburb of Detroit (just in case anyone didn’t know).

Wish y’all was here!