Yep, you read it.  I have reached the 65th day of my Project 365.  My first time doing two consecutively, my second time simultaneously posting my 365 pics on two social networks.  Last year it was on Instagram and Pinterest, and this year it’s on my two Facebook pages, and on Twitter.  I didn’t expect it right away, but it kinda blew up on my current social networks, with occasional appearances on my blog.  And for the most part, I’ve blogged virtually on a daily basis.  And if I missed a day, I’d post two entries on the same day just to stay current.

All that being said, I recently bought some produce, and it sat in my fridge fro a few days, and I’ve been meaning to chop it up and put them in bags so that they won’t go off (rot, that is).  So after toiling for a few hours (I had that much produce) chopping, blending, slicing, and labeling freezer bags, I finally got to these delicious strawberries after prepping garlic and mushrooms for the freezer.

I had two mini baskets of strawberries (I think they were two for $4.00), and while I was slicing, dicing, and even cubing them (toldja I was a chef by trade), I immediately thought of a photo op.  Like I said a few day ago, being a photographer stuck in inclement weather, you don’t have to look for things, half the time, it’s the other way around!  Such as the case of what I’ve been talking about in this entry so far.  And thankfully my camera is a full-frame, and I wish I had a much better angle to shoot.  On the camera, the image looked beautiful, but once I put it on the computer, I noticed that the berries on the end were in focus, and the one in the middle was not!  Man, I was deflated after that, but again, where I was positioned, it was not in a good spot, in all fairness.  But on the flip side, I’ve had my Nikon D3000 for five years, and despite missing most of 2014 as an active photographer, my skill has skyrocketed, but I still shoot with an entry-level DSLR camera, so it’s time for an upgrade.

But in spite of that small mishap with this picture of the strawberries, I’m proud of how the bokeh effect had turned out.  Should I do another one of these-whether or not I do get another camera-I’m positive the outcome will be better off.