It’s no secret that I am a gamer.  Be it iOS, Android, Microsoft, it don’t matter one flippin’ bit to me at all!  For those who are familiar with Custom Street Racing (CSR), they also have a classics version, which I eventually got lulled into.  I still play the original CSR Racing game, I’ve beat all the tiers and their leaders, now I’m in the World Tour, and it’s more challenging than the tiers, but I’ll delve into that later.   The classics game, I’ve only been on it for just a few weeks.   It’s the same concept as the original as far as I know, but this version features older cars.  My whip (ride, that is) is a 1966 Chevy Impala Super Sport.   And already I’ve whipped some competition, but all the same, gotta upgrade once momentum hits.  While I don’t wanna give the entire game away, primarily because I’m still testing the waters with this game, I’ll provide some screenshots to whet the appetites of those who like to kill time with drag racing arcade games.

How I ended up driving other vehicles, I enter the daily battles, up to three a day, sometimes twice a day depending on how patient you’re willing to be to wait for the reload/how much time the system gives you to race again in the daily battles.   And the daily battles provide the car for you according to your skills as a racer.  Like the Fast and the Furious movie franchise, this game too has the N2O (NOS switch) which gives you a boost whenever your opponent is tailing you, or worse, vice versa.   

Like I said, I’m still new to this version of CSR, so more to come soon, God willing.