Again, I do not  gamble, I’m terrible at it.  I chose my poker chips again for my 365 because I wanted to do a composition of my chips and some cards.  Long story short, after so many takes, and I was not pleased with every singe one of them, I came across another concept.  Again, being a photographer during these inclement winter months, you don’t have to look far for something to shoot, sometimes it’ll find you!  That said, various inanimate objects at home has kept me occupied since 2015 began.

I took one of my chips and stood it up, and because my DSLR has met its match, I’ve taken various shots to get this one! Most of them were out of focus, but I was determined to get it right no matter what!  So after a few more shots, my main goal was to get the chip as vivid and as clear as possible!  I did think about having the chip’s logo be more level, but I’d went through too much trouble to get the shot that I posted here!  Maybe next time.  However, I’m very pleased with the outcome of this one!