This is the second one I’ve owned.  For obvious reasons, I rotated the picture that I took because I didn’t want the logo upside down.  I love Lunatik’s products.  Thankfully because my phone is an obsolete model, I was able to get this thing dirt cheap!  You can get this thing on eBay or Amazon for $15-20.00.  I say that this is my second one because I had a black one, and people would complement me on the case, and I’d demo it to test its durability many times.  One time, and I regret it to this day, and I’ll explain why!  I was at Best Buy looking at the Samsung Galaxy phones, and the salesperson observed my phone cover, and to set the scene I’ll say this one brief note before I continue with my backstory:  My previous phone case, I’ve dropped this thing on asphalt, concrete, hardwood, on stairs, on granite-nothing happened to it!  With me so far?

I sampled the previous case I had to the Samsung Sale Rep, and dropped the phone on-get this, a regular tiled floor!  Guess what happened…

You guessed it!  SMASH!  Talk about embarrassed!  Dropped that thing on surfaces that were exposed to the daily elements, but indoors, whole different outcome.

Long story short, I debated whether or not I wanted another iPhone or the new Galaxy!  Well, seeing that my circumstances have neither changed, nor worsened, I decided to wait until things changed for me (which have yet to happen).  So I had to bite the bullet.

What made things even more worse was even though my iPhone was still in good shape, my camera was messed up, and I couldn’t use it.  And this was right after I upgraded to iOS 8!  Thankfully, the Apple Store had shown some compassion and fixed it for me.  But it put a dent in my wallet.  To this day, I still get compliments on my new (bought used, BTW) case, but I am hesitant to demo it again because of what happened the last time, and this phone is all I have for now.

Just thought I’d share this little story with you, the readers.