I was the camera shop earlier today, and I saw this sign.  I asked the gentleman in charge if I could take a picture of it, and he said “knock yourself out”, and I went for it.

My reason(s) for being there was because I was having some issues with my DSLR.  I knew they were minor, but I didn’t know what they were!  That said, he tested my camera and informed me that the motor in my kit lens had went bad.  Long story short, I had two options:  But a used one, or a refurbished one.  After talking it over with both Roger (I assume he was/is the owner, at least) and my mom over it, and ironically she went with the latter, as did I.  Roger was neutral on both fronts.  Thankfully he knew what the prob was when he handled my camera.  And now that the minor issue was resolved, I purchased an refurbished, if not newer-kit lens.  Expect a diptych of both lenses as soon as I get the new one.

I may either look up a YouTube tutorial on how to fix the motor in my old lens and keep it, or I may just cut my losses and scrap it.  Still too early to tell.


P.S.  I still get a laugh outta this!