I look at these old dinosaurs and think to myself, how could they compete with the vehicles of today with all the bells and whistles of the digital age.  I look at these grandfather trucks, and observe their design, and the time it took to manufacture them.  And these were built by hand whereas nowadays all you gotta do is pull a couple of levers and hit a few buttons (in most facilities anyway) and you got a brand new vehicle in seconds.  I look at these hand built cars, and I can tell that there were little if any recalls on them because in the old days, if something was wrong, the manufacturer made a way for you to fix it for little or nothing, whereas today’s vehicles, you pop the hood on that thing, and you haven’t a clue what’s under there!  They want you to spend your money, that way the mechanics keep their jobs.  Even though I am just months away from the big 4-0, even I can recall when a car acted up, there some D.I.Y. (do it yourself) references that didn’t put a dent in your wallet, and you didn’t have to be a mechanic  to do it, either!  But with the elements more unstable in the world today, I doubt that even if this old thing was restored, because of its age, and parts being hard to find, it couldn’t hang with the modern age.

-Unless you have some deep pockets, anyway!

I’d still like to see this thing on Woodward one day restored to its former glory regardless.