really don’t know what to call this one.  I was doing some shooting around in my former hometown of Mt. Clemens, and for some odd reason, this shoe attracted my eye.  As I’ve said time and time before, being a photographer, half the time things find you before you find them!  Even in this case, that’s exactly what happened.

It’s been said that every picture tells a story.  Maybe this shoe was misplaced from a lady’s bag at a bus stop, or she might’ve changed shoes, and accidentally left it there.  Whatever the situation was/is, the elements had gotten a hold of it now…

Along with the scab, which also appears to be a piece of a torn coffee cup, some cigarette butts, and dirt, melted snow, and some grass being resurrected.

Originally, I was gonna post a picture of a skyscraper here in Mount Clements, but this had caught my attention, and even with a pointless, petty, insignificant subject like this, it’s always good to explore the nature of things.  Even something as inanimate as a shoe!