Just a little over a week before Mary’s passing, I went solo on my safaris downtown remaining optimistic (but to no avail, evidently) that she would pull through for a heart transplant.  So to ease my fears, I went at it alone in Detroit’s Hart Plaza.  I only have but a few that I’ve edited.  Perhaps within a few weeks I’ll have the rest of them posted on my blog.  Keep in mind I’m doing my second consecutive 365 on two social media, and trying to play catch-up with past photos, and job hunting along with my daily Bible reading, so I’ve got a full plate to say the least.  But here’s the few pics that I did touch up…

_DSC8293-watermarked“The Fist” of the “Brown Bomber” Joe Louis.  Located at the foot of Woodward Avenue on West/East Jefferson Ave facing Hart Plaza.  Woodward from here to Mc Nichols (AKA Six Mile Road) divides the east side of Detroit from the west side.

_DSC8319-hdr-watermarked The famous Dodge Fountain.  You oughta be here during the summer when the water flows and at night various colours come out while the water simultaneously runs down from the ring above.  The small dots is where the water comes from, and the big dots are the lights on the bottom of the ring.

_DSC8333-watermarked And the most recent sculpture to be built on Hart Plaza, Labor’s Legacy “Transcending”.  If you go for a walk where the pillars are, each one gives a history of the Iron/Rust Belt and Union Rights (if I remember correctly).

In spite of the circumstances that my friend had lost her courageous battle with heart failure, it was still a great day in Detroit that day!

More 2 come, God willing.