Finally, after six months (maybe longer) living here, I’ve gotten my second bedroom cleaned up!  As I get older, I try to be more organized, and live a more clutter-free lifestyle.  It’s been said that one of the number one causes of stress is clutter.  Being a Christian, there are Bible principles that encourages de-cluttering.  While time won’t allow me to share them at present, hopefully down the road I can share some then.  Still got some things left to go through, but not as much.  I’ve sacrificed gym time for this (I only went three times this past month), so despite that I relapsed into my old eating habits due to a lack of self-discipline, I’m still focused.  But that’s another story!

Gotta go now.  Got a trip to Alabama tomorrow, and I’ll be doing most of the driving.  Expect some pics along the way.


And BTW, come Monday I’m going back to the gym, if the will of God wishes it!