First of all, due to circumstances that were beyond my control, I’m a day late on my 365, as well as daily blog.  So with that being said, I plan to have another entry posted by the end of the day to keep the blog current.

I am currently in Alabama with family (haven’t been there in years).  And let’s just say that getting here alone was a hellacious trip to say the least.  Four traffic jams on I-75: one was construction in Cincy (Ohio, that is), three in Kentucky, one was where a tire fell off a Lincoln Continental, another was a blowout on the shoulder, and the coup de gras was a T-Bone where we stayed stuck for at least an hour.  Other circumstances (that could’ve been avoided) had played a factor in it as well…

So a brief backstory on the picture in KY.  I couldn’t help but to notice how well-designed this house was.  Judging by its structure, it’s been there longer than the gas stations, and other places surrounding it.  They say “if walls could talk”, I can only imagine the stories they could tell.  Today’s most palatial abodes can’t even touch this!  I’m betting with the right people, with the right resources, and with the right touch, this baby can be restored in no time!  The house appears to be so structurally sound, a tornado couldn’t knock it down, just sayin’!

Maybe, just maybe, if this house (or one just like it) were to appear in the new world, again, the stories if could tell.

And get this!  I got this shot with just. One.  Take!  Now how you like them apples?