Haven’t been here as of late due to my trip to Alabama last week.  That being said, I’ll be posting double-blogs until I have it caught up.  In other words, [hopefully] two entries a day until it’s current.

Now that I’ve established closure on that note, I’ll get started.

As you know, I’ve been taking up painting these past few months, and most times, before I even get to work on a canvas, I use the Made W/ Paper App on my iPad and make up some designs and pretty much go from there.  The following image(s) are a step-by-step process as to how I prepare a sketch before putting my final piece on a canvas, in this case, I’ve yet to paint this particular piece.

IMG_5022 A sketch of a trumpet using 53 pencil.

IMG_5023Same sketch, but with light inks.

IMG_5024Some markers added.  Notice the eraser icon is highlighted due to some errors that made on occasion.

IMG_5025Some background colour to get things started…

IMG_5026Some added background.  The first layer I used a thin felt marker, the second one, I used the paintbrush to fill up more of the background just to liven the picture up.  My goal was/is to to utilize virtually square inch of the paper.  All steps at this point is to lead to what the finished project will be both on 53, and eventually on the canvas, literally.

IMG_5027Some more abstracting colour in the background.  Now with the image already fleshed out, I now began to work on the horn and continue to add more spice to the background.  Almost simultaneously.

IMG_5028Now I fill in the horn with what appears to be either rust, or shadows, or tint.  Moving along so far…

IMG_5029Now the biggest challenge was what colour I wanted to use for this.  Either red, or gold, but judging by its background, I thought it would’ve been a bit to bland.  Remember, I wanted to do an abstract image.  So silver was appropriate.  Silver, even though it’s not in demand like gold (which really sucks), but from Biblical times to later times, silver has held its weight well (no pun intended), in the Old Testament silver was just as valuable as gold.  But I’ll have to delve into that later….

IMG_5030And now, my signature to the piece.  Next step, the canvas!

I chose the trumpet because I was originally gonna do a canvas of records (you younger cats weren’t even around then), but this turned out to be an even better idea.  I also bought a 10 x 20 canvas, and I thought that it would be a nice piece.  As I was designing this.  I had thought of many great trumpeters over the last 100 plus years.  Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Maynard Ferguson, Dizzy Gillespie, Wynton Marsalis, Terrance Blanchard, Prince, Flea, Roy Hargrove, Chuck Mangione (he plays the flugelhorn), Herb Alpert, Paquito D’Rivera, and many other men and women who’s names escapes me at this moment.  If you, the observer(s), know of any, please add ’em to your comment, should you decide to do so.  It’d be greatly appreciated.