I love my Chevy Malibu, love it to death.  But the 2004-2008 were the second generations models since its comeback in the late 1990s.  Long story short, but the number one issue with this car is the turn signals.  With new bulbs, put in, sometimes it’ll work, sometimes it won’t.  Pretty much has a mind of its own.  I Googled what I could do about the matter, obviously it’s an intermittent problem.  So despite this minor-I emphasize minor-inconvenience, I can deal with it until I either get some more cash, or get another whip.  That said, I may have to dismantle my dashboard and replace the part (the name escapes me right now), most of the sites I’ve looked up said that it might be the culprit.  Again, it’s a minor problem so it’s not a pressing issue yet, but I can put up with it until the issue is resolved.

Apparently this is a common thing for the 2004-2008 Malibus.  Other than that, my car rocks.  I hope Chevy brings the Chevelle back.

Wishful thinkin’, apparently.