I’m just gonna say these few things.  The last condo/apartment I lived in, I was very green, and immature and took it for granted.  Now ten years later, I’m back in suburbia, and now things have changed, situations, circumstances, surroundings, everything!  Even though I miss my old apartment/condo, I even miss the ‘hood, but I’m grateful for this place.  I love it, it’s close to the city (at first I was unimpressed with that, but I overlooked it eventually).

I thought about an old flame as I write this, and I can’t help but to think had we stayed together, this coulda been me and her. But that never materialized, and that was a good thing, I later found out.

Water under the bridge, to put it bluntly, yet mildly…

But the perks of being here are very stupendous.  The neighbours are nice, most of them, anyway.  Thankfully some of my fellow JWs live in this gated community, so that, too, is encouraging.

My gated community even has a clubhouse and swimming pool.  I’ll be ready for that (after I tone down a few pounds).

I’ve learned at 39-soon to be 40 shortly-that the things that we take for granted will soon be taken away.  Yes, those very same things that someone else is praying for…

My father, who I was recently in Alabama with, had asked me in recent years how it felt to once again be living by myself, and I told him-I still tell him, and anyone who’ll listen-to this day, that I took it granted, I won’t do that again.

They say “never say never”, but in this case, I’d make an exception.

An exceptional exception.