DSC_1384 hdr-watermarked

One of BrewTown’s gems, the Milwaukee Art Museum.  I was very turned on by its design.  Parts of it resembles sections of the Starship Enterprise to say the least.  I’ve been meaning to explore this place for years, and now I have.  Sadly, though.  My time was very short seeing that I was visiting family for a day or so.  And my biggest regret was that due to a lack of time, and other circumstances beyond my control, I missed the 50th Anniversary Ebony Fashion Gallery which yesterday was the last day for it (which really sucked).  But I was content to get the pics that I did.  But the next time I come here, I’ll definitely have more in-depth pics with a much better backstory than what I have now.  My time in Milwaukee was very short, but I’ll make up for this again.  Until then, enjoy the pics.