With my first Art class approaching its due date, it’s catch-up time.  So as I continue to get my designs in order as well as update my pics from Milwaukee, I’m gonna do what I do best, work under pressure whilst multitasking.  That said, what you see here are some of the final drafts before we start the printing process next week.  Hopefully I’ll have the prints ready to post simultaneously on both my 365 as well as my blog.

BTW, I think I still have a few more double-blog days until I have it up-to-date.  These two trips that I’ve had this past month had really thrown my schedule off, but I’m just about caught up with everything so far…

I hope to start posting my writings here soon.

Either here on WP, Tumblr, or Wattpad.  Definitely Wattpad, but still undecided on the other two.

I’ll still post my poetry here, regardless.