Back on track with my 365.  Now that the winter is officially done with, I can walk about in warmer climates and do more shooting outside.  I made it past the 100 days as I have in previous 365 projects past, so it’s been successful thus far.  Still trying to find some part-time employment, finish my online insurance class, and still recovering from the two trips I’ve taken this past month, and getting back into working out.  Hopefully this year I’ll have a bike to ride around these nice suburban parts once I get some cash.  And there’s plenty of places to buy a bike-some of them literally within walking distance.  And with so many happenings within the city and out, we’re seeing more of these stands now.  And with the cost of gas, and the automakers hanging by a thread on occasion (more frequent now than 20 years ago). more and more folks are riding their own bikes now.  Heck, I might be doing that myself once I get myself a bike.  It’ll save me some money to some point.

Might be worth it, I hope so.