I have said it time and time before since this year has started.  Most times, when it comes to photography, things find you!

With that said, a brief backstory about three individuals involved plus one (yours truly).  I went to the historic Wahby Park on the Nautical Mile in St Clair Shores.  With the weather breaking, I wanted to explore the park, and I saw some folks at a distance sitting down at the foot of the bridge along with someone else taking pictures.  Not wanting to steal the thunder of a fellow artist, I struck a conversation with the lady (who also shoots with a Nikon DSLR), and we introduced ourselves.  I thought she was someone whom I followed on Flickr, but she said that she’s been away from social media as of late.  The lady’s name is Traci (or “Tracy”/”Tracie”), and she was shooting her young cousin, Mariah, and her boyfriend, Dean.  We hit it off real fast.  And Traci was gracious enough to let me sneak a few pics in.  So the following pics was both an honour and a privilege to be a brief part of taking senior pics.  Makes me wanna get back into senior photography.  Only times I’ve done senior pics was at workshops.  This time, despite being a random happening, I was actually on the field in regards to the subject.  And BTW, two of these pics I added some special “touches” to it, one of them, an HDR shot.  All the same, enjoy the pics.