A touch of BnW (black and white), a little bit of holga and/or vignette, my canvases, my brushes, my paints, and even some latex gloves to avoid a major mess on my hands, literally!

Many subjects are on the brain right now.  One of which are making JW.org mini canvases. I recently bought a nice long one for 50% off at Michael’s (about seven bucks and some changes).  I hope to paint a vintage hot rod on it.  I’m debating either a Dodge Charger, Plymouth Road Runner, Chevy Impala, or a Ford Mustang (all of which from the 60s), and some samples of some recent art work I’ve done in class.  Thankfully I’ve filled up my downstairs with my own paintings, NOW I can do my upstairs.

But this second bedroom that I’ve converted into my office and studio has really been a place of solitude and serenity for me.

But I’ll admit, this holga filter has really put out some detail.  It’s not a vignette (it’s a little more heavier around the edges than the holga and the instamatic), but it has a class of its own.

More to come on this subject.