One of the things that I’ve purchased prior to my being laid off was this elegant stylus that I bought from the Microsoft Store.  Ironically, it’s one floor up from the Apple Store in Troy when I’d go if the one (Apple Store, that is) in Clinton Township couldn’t service any issues I was having with either my iPhone, or iPad.  But that’s neither here or there.

I bought this a year ago basically for two reasons:  1) whenever I highlight something that I download to read, the styluses that I would use the tip(s) would come off.  Even if I put the cap back on, the issue would get worse.  And 2) pretty much the same reason, but seeing that I want to kick my art skills up a notch, I want something that’s gonna last a good long time.  So with that in mind, this thing has outlasted all the styluses I’ve owned prior to this.  Despite that this hit me up for 30 bones at the time, it was worth it.  You can probably get it for half on eBay now.  In spite of the fact that my layoff was maybe two, or three months away, I thought I’d go out with a bang.

There is, however, one small snag about this thing.  Especially if you’ve got a habit of losing things…

The Jot Pro Stylus comes with a disc that pretty much does all the work for you.  Writing, measuring, drawing, highlighting points in an EPUB, but if you lose that disc, God forbid the stem that holds it, it’s pretty much useless until you replace them.  Again, Amazon, or eBay to save some time, gas, and money.  As you can see, I’ve bought some extra discs (from eBay, mind you), and if I was thinking just a little further ahead, I would’ve bought at least one extra stem just in case things happened, because they will.

And I might’ve been inaccurate with my timing as far as when I bought this.  It just occurred to me that I might’ve bought this the year before last!  I think I bought it a few months after I’d purchased my now-slow and obsolete-iPhone 4S.  My apologies on that.  Either way it was in recent years that I bought this thing.  Been in love with it ever since.

And one fun factor, this particular model serves as a magnet in case your pockets get too heavy.  Just don’t use it on your PC, or any other electronic devices unless your doing a demo of how the magnet works.  Just a few seconds, and snatch it off.  But despite the dent in my wallet at the time, I still say that this was a good investment.

It’s always good to have something that lasts awhile.  Even if it’s a stylus!

Best 30 bucks I’ve ever spent-at that time, anyway (again, I recommend buying it online to save time, gas, and money, unless you can spare all three simultaneously, which, at that particular time I was able to)!

No regrets.