I was privileged to take a picture of a fisherman named Joe who allowed me to shoot him and a catfish that he had caught.  That thing was strong, too!  So strong, it broke the hook that caught it.  Had I caught it, It’d be in my frying pan with some nice cold beer waiting for me!  I was hoping that he’d gut it, and fry it later on, but he sent it back to his school in the lake.

I guess it dodged the bullet after all!


I can only imagine how nice and juicy that catfish (I forget what kind it is) would’ve been.  Already I can imagine it with some greens and hot sauce, mac-n-cheese, along with either some buttermilk biscuits, or garlic bread.  Washed down with either an ice cold Corona, Coors Light, or even Pabst, or Rolling Rock!

A man can dream, can he not?

Again, it was an honour and a privilege to witness such an occasion as this.

Sucks that Joe didn’t keep it, though…