By the time you read this, this thing will be consigned to the garbage.  I’ve had this SD card well over three years, and it has served me very well, but now it’s (about to be) gone because it has served its purpose, and I used it so much, it’s to the point where the ridges have broken off!  So I thought I’d cut my losses and revert back to my 8 and 16 GB SDs until I can afford the real good SD cards (the kind that’ll put a dent in your wallet, literally).  More than likely I’ll shop online for ’em, but if my patience wears thin like it normally does, I’ll buy ’em at the store.  I like it better that way, it’s more convenient, especially if there’s issues, you head back to the store and settle it immediately.

But not knocking the Micro Center brand, it’s just that even an SD card with 32GB and a Class 10 speed, it has it’s limits once used over extensive periods of time.  The price of MC’s SD cards are very reasonable, if you wanna save some cash.  But I may be going back to SanDisk.  I’ve had one 8GB for over five years, and despite having/using now 3/4 less storage than previous, my images still come out more sharper, crisper, and even edgier.  Just gotta watch what I shoot, that’s all.  I say that because an 8GB will fill up easy!  I say that from experience be it an iPod, smartphone, storage drive, etc.!  I doesn’t take much.

Seeing that I’m down to two 8GB SD cards, I just gotta bite the bullet until I can get some new cards.

Got a 16GB, but that, too, it almost at its end as well.  Unlike my now trashed 32, at least it still has its ridges attached.