Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Brew Town, Beer City, “The Mil”, MKE.  I have not been here since December 1992.  I was seventeen at the time on holiday visiting relatives.  Whilst time will not permit me to embellish on my short time there, my pics should whet the appetite of anyone who has yet to visit this iconic midwestern metropolis.  Sadly, my stay here was short to due circumstances that beyond my control, but I enjoyed my stay there despite decades of not showing my face since my senior year in high school.  That said, complaining would be futile.  It was cleansing to be out of the hustle and bustle of Detroit, and breathe in some real air for a change.  If you recall, I was in Montgomery, Alabama two prior to my being in Milwaukee, so I’ve been hittin’ the road quite frequently this past month to say the least.

I ask any Milwaukeean (native or otherwise), the following pics-including the one above-if you could name the areas where I shot these (some of the names escape me at present), please comment in the box below, I would appreciate it.

And again, to anyone from/residing in Brew Town (whether I know you or not), I will be back again, God willing.


And as always, enjoy the pics!