I’ll be very clear and to the point about this…

I was recently in Birmingham, Michigan looking for something to shoot despite the inclement weather.  I stumbled across a marketing firm named Centigrade and noticed the magazines in the window.  I asked a lady smoking a cigarette whether or not the office was open to the public.  Long story short, I was able to walk in the door, a gentleman by the name of Leon was gracious enough to let have some complimentary magazines-one of them was a local magazine-and I informed Leon that I was majoring in Media & Communication Arts at Macomb.  And I asked him if Centigrade was looking for photographers, and shockingly to me, he said yes!  All I needed was some business cards.

Well, you pretty much know what my next move is gonna be at this point in time.

I saw the building, and was mesmerized by the abstract colours in the office.  A picture that I was granted permission to take prior to my departing for the day.

I think things are starting to look up again.