Partridge Creek Outdoor Mall in Clinton Twp, Michigan. About ten miles north of Detroit, it’s one of the first new outdoor malls with anchor stores in a number of years. Right away I thought about Eastland and Northland in the 50s when Detroit’s suburbs first established shopping malls. They were first outdoor malls until they became enclosed in the early 1970s. In my opinion, the only thing that could save those two dinosaurs is if they revert them back into outdoor malls.

Prior to PC being opened, I’d frequent Lakeside Mall, which is contemporary to Fairlane, Twelve Oaks, and the latter half of Oakland Mall. In recent years, Lakeside is still open, but it’s drying up due to the popularity of Partridge Creek. Anchored with a Nordstrom, and a Carson’s (formerly Parisienne), an MJR Theater, Verizon Wireless, Apple Store, Skechers, and many other stores to chose from. And being a two-time Macomb County resident, it’s convenient for me to get there more often. And I frequent that mall more often now than I did when I was living in the city.

One thing that really attracted me to PCCT was that there are live performances year-round, and with the mall being an outside mall, it has heated-yes, heated-sidewalks, so freezing in the cold is not an option for the customers.  You have to see this place-esp. in the wintertime-to experience that.  I’m just glad that it’s warm and the canopies are out.

More pics soon.