I had an appointment earlier today, and I’d like to believe that it went well.  Thankfully the secretary was gracious enough to let me take some shots of this very beautifully designed building.  It’s amazing what man-by way of God’s spirit-can come up with.  That said, I have posted previously in brief that I am a freak of nature on an artistic level.  And just the basic designs with pen and paper can conceive something so elegant, so beautiful, and in due time, it all comes to pass, most times according to design as well as schedule.  Interior design has also captured my eye more often now than it has over the years.  Case in point…


This pic with two curved couches forming an “S” pattern with one table facing the window, and the other one facing the wall with a round table in the middle of the curve on both benches.  Right away I thought about the “Yin-Yang” symbol where two opposites of the same thing can simultaneously coexist.  Observe the partition/back on the couch.  Apparently had the two benches had a partition, you could not see them both, but you’d know that they’re both there!  And the beauty of it is with the one partition, you could tell that there’s something complementing the other side-especially if you were looking from the outside on in, which leads to…


…My final pic.  The centerpiece to any skyscraper in any location.  The corridor that has elevators.  Notice both the depth of field and rule of thirds as they simultaneously cross paths.  As a matter of fact, all the images in this entry have the exact same feature, and if you’re artistically inclined, it’s not that hard to figure out.  And the beauty of an image like this, is that this image was shot between the corridor and the front entrance, whilst the rear exit is in clear view, leaving access to the building from either doorway.

Well, that’s it for tonight.  A double blog as promised.  I have more pics, and they’ll be on Facebook and Google Plus by the time (anyone) sees this.