Can you see what’s in the picture?  I can.  But barely.  I was at a workshop yesterday, and let’s just say that since Mary’s passing last year, I’ve been out of the game much longer than I should have been.  I was taught how to use speedlights and strobes while simultaneously shooting on Manual, 100 ISO, and my lowest F-Stop and aperture.  The image which you see here was taken without the strobes, but with the strobes, one of the most beautiful, clearest images a camera could produce.  It also embarrasses me to submit that I was out of the game for so long, I had to be reeducated about how my DSLR and lens work together.  For some reason, I had forgotten (don’t ask how) that depending on which mode the camera is on, it serves as an adjuster for various F-Stops.  So with all that in mind, I was able to re-absorb all that basic information within minutes.  I would add some more images, but I and the other photographers were asked not to post any of the pics online other than the website that advertised the event yesterday.

So I complied, and respected their wishes.  Yeah, it sucks, but what else can you do?

Maybe down the road, I can post at least one or two.  But I’ll wait.

Safe to assume, that I can get away with this one.  After all, it is a blank screen image.

And BTW, hopefully I’ll another entry later on today to make up for yesterday’s loss.  I was burnt out.