School’s almost over, had some job prospects, my 365 is consistent, my Bible reading is also consistent, I went to the gym for the first time in two weeks (I am sore as I’m writing this), I just have to get some things in order such as the ministry, working on my novel and still deciding where to post it.  Hate to say it, but I’m thinking about ridding myself of some, not all social media that I’m on mainly because of the time and energy that constantly saps away at me, and some content that I really don’t care for.

I really would like to read more so I can educate and better and motivate myself more.  One thing that I really appreciate is my photography, and I’ve gotten into painting in recent months.  Next to Bible reading and blogging, they have been therapeutic for me-especially since I’ll be turning 40 real soon.

I still think about my twin brother.  How our lives would’ve turned out had both of us made it into this world with our senses and healthy.  I’ve been watching YouTube videos about twins who were separated at birth, and had a tearful reunion many years-even decades later.  I look forward to the reunion that he and I will have in the resurrection.  Still wonder, though.  For every time I look at my birth certificate, and I see that four-letter word, T-, W-, I-, N, I think to myself… “the possibilities…” Or, “if only…”

Was hoping to see The Avengers today after class, but the rainstorm that we had knocked me out, so I went straight home and crashed.  Maybe tomorrow, if my money’s right.

So much to talk about as always, but I can only say so much at a time.  Besides, there’s other blogs that I wanna check out as well.