It’s just a matter of time before we have this baby up and runnin’!  Some debate that this will be a waste of money, but I beg to differ.  Understand, we haven’t had mass transit since the late 1950s, and with Detroit being dubbed “The Motor City”, it’s a blow to the Big Three (past and present) to have such a thing as Mass Transportation.

But not everyone can afford a car!

Think it’s starting to sink in with most people now.

But I, for one, cannot wait for our new rail system to be resurrected after over half a century of being dormant.  I hope to be one of the first to ride on it one day.

I also think that every major American city should have a rail system.  I just wish that Detroit would’ve extended the People Mover when it had the chance.  Politics.  Always a pressing-if not a passing, or petty-issue.  But that’s another story for another occasion…

Would like to see a subway in Detroit one day.  It could happen.  It should!

And thankfully we still have the People Mover!  Didja know that on its 20th anniversary it was switched to travel clockwise, and it’s more popular now than it was in the 80s?  Something to think about.

Stop by one day.

See you there,