…I shouldn’t have kept you…

Wow, I don’t remember the last time I’ve been away from my blog for months at a time.  I hope to be back on the blogosphere much more frequently now since my last job fell through.  I missed the constant feedback I’ve been getting throughout the year.  I still have my CDL (commercial driver license) permit, I’m still shootin’ (that’s very obvious), I’m haflway through with my 365 photo journal, if I decide to do one for 2016, I’ll either choose Tumblr or 500px.

For the first time also in months I’ve been working on my novel as well.  I’ve decided to post it on Wattpad and leave excerpts of it either on Tumblr or WordPress or both and just add a hyperlink to WP (Wattpad).  I’m almost done with the rough draft, and I’ll do a finished version and post it then.  So much I’ve been doing, and so much to tell you in a few words.

Hopefully I can do that by the year’s end.