It’s been about a year since I’ve relocated to Macomb County from my native Detroit.  And as you can see, this iconic, historic street lamp is about to join the scrap heap, so I’ve been taking liberties (discreetly) to capture as many of the old lamps as I possibly can.  It’s a heartbreaking thing to see, but when a city as iconic as Detroit is bankrupt, the monies that would be used to repaint, straighten up/out, and maintain-at-all-costs old-school posts are now used to be replaced by wooded poles.  It’s to the point where even some of our freeways have them!  While time will not allow be to embellish further on this matter, but I remain optimistic that this will all be a temporary thing!

I’ll say this, despite that we no longer have the variety of design between streetlamps, our streets do look much better both day and night.