A client from my area, we first met at Starbucks, and I’ve noticed that she has a taste for 50s-60s fashion.  Very elegant with her taste in clothes, movies, music, and even writing.  We somewhat share some of those things in common.  An actress from Michigan as well as model and screenwriter, she’s very knowledgeable in the arts.  Long story short, after a few years of off-and-on communication, we’d finally got something going.  My clientele is building back up again.

I knew that since Mary’s passing, that this gap was gonna shorten again sooner or later.  Still without a partner as far as photography goes, but I gained a new friend.  We recently had a photo shoot, and met at Starbucks 48 hours later, and went over the pics that I’ve taken, and let’s just say that both of us had hit paydirt!

I believe that if things don’t work out as far as secular work is concerned, photography might just be my thing after all.

I look forward to many more adventures following this one.