Established in 1985, one of Detroit’s riverfront ampitheaters that faces the Canadian border that has housed live concerts and high school graduations and God only knows who many white party events (that I’ve yet to attend).  Now as this iconic theater celebrates its 30th, it continues to house many performers.  Over the course or 20-plus years, I’ve had my high school graduation (c/o 1993), I have seen Grammy-winning musicians such as George Benson, Jill Scott, Herbie Hancock, and others such as The Blackbyrds, Bilal, and even Mike Phillips.

The koi pond, the geese and their goslings, and occasional summer breezes, as well as the yachts for listening in-by the dozens, I might add-to whoever is giving a live concert at that time.

My memories of Chene Park are as precious now as they were 30 years ago when it was built, and even more so, 22, soon-to-be 23 years since my HS graduation.

I look forward to many more in the future, God willing.