I have taken many shots of this suburban metropolis multiple times, but it never would’ve occurred to me that I’d simultaneously capture (from L-R) the Macomb County Administrative Building, the Macomb County Building, and the Macomb County Courthouse at this angle, usually I’m much closer, but this is much better than my previous takes since this year began.  This was one of those “now-or-never” shots because I shot this from my car whilst the traffic was clear which, by judging the design of this roundabout, only gave me seconds to shoot.  Needless to say, all this shot required was “just one take”!  And this has got to be the third, or fourth time I’ve shot this area throughout the year and blogged it, and made a part of my 365 photo journal.

As I have said many times since this year began, as a photographer, sometimes things find you!

This is but another example of how that oftentimes proves true.

And BTW, for anyone who finds themselves serious about this craft, always, always, always carry a camera with you!  Doesn’t matter what kind, as long as you shoot something, anything, everyday!