A few versions of a snapshot that I did of a recent photo shoot.  Needless to say, I met up with again earlier tonight, and she was thrilled with the results.  So with that in mind, here are some versions of but one of the shots that I took of Sabrina.  I will explain what happened with each version of the same pic step by step including the original.  Enjoy!


First of all, the original shot.  Sabrina wanted headshots, so I started off with the following image(s).

DSC_4991-edit 01-watermarked

So with shot number one, I cropped the picture which gave me much more to work with…

DSC_4991-edit 02-watermarked

I lightened up on the exposure which brought out more to work with.  Notice that you see more of her hair in the picture, and the background isn’t as dark as the previous two images…

DSC_4991-edit 03-watermarked

Also, I used various makeup filters such as “airbrush”, and my personal favourite, “blemish fix” to get rid of any (unwanted) indistinguishable features, i.e. acne, cold sores, wrinkles, ect.  Not that this was the case with Sabrina, but I have encountered some folks whose pics I’ve taken that I really had to fix up.  Sabrina was a walk in the park compared to a few other people.

DSC_4991-edit 04-watermarked

I slightly spiked up the exposure and colouring on Sabrina’s crop and added some more touch-ups to it.  Notice the teeth-whitening as well.

DSC_4991-edit 06-watermarked

Some more tinkering with the exposures and filters.

DSC_4991-edit 07-watermarked

And the final edit.  And Sabrina was satisfied with all the versions of this shot.

I have used various filters on Ribbet.com (a Picnik knockoff, but better) to make various versions of this one particular portrait.  That said, in spite of the success of this picture.  I used an overhead light, a small desk lamp, a 5-in-1 reflector, if I’m not mistaken, I’ve used most of the five sides of the reflector, a bounce flash, and two stationary lamps from IKEA, and on occasion (not with this pic), the built-in flash on my DSLR.

Hopefully there will be more headshots to come, God willing.  Next time, I’ll be more in-depth on the subject.

Hope this helps the beginning photographer in the making,