A special day for the 10% who stand out from the crowd.

A brief story on my end, I’m a fraternal/mirror twin, and with twins-more than likely one of them was gonna be left-handed-and me being a twin, and a lefty, I had to endure two losses.  My twin died, and I was forced to use my right, but everything else about me was always right-dominant, and eventually I would use my left hand for the things that most lefties can do.  It’s been awhile since I’ve used my right hand, but I haven’t looked back since, and I refuse to.  Despite my cross-dominance (not to be confused with ambidextrous), I still claim my left handedness for the simple reason that I was born as such.  Even in the Bible as recorded at Judges 20:16 that the sons of Benjamin were left-handed, and in 1 Chronicles 12:2 there was even a mention of ambidexterity in reference to the sons of Benjamin, ancestors to Israel’s first king, Saul, and back to Judges 3:12-25 where Judge Ehud, son of Gera, a Benjaminite who was left-handed had made very short work out of Eglon who opressed Israel for 18 years.

I brought up those Biblical accounts for one specific reason.  Most of us southpaws were forced to be right handed because of some BS non-biblical religious myth that using your left hand was taking sides with the Devil.  The passages mentioned above prove otherwise.

And most of my activities were left-handed anyway prior to me learning how to write in recent years.  Swinging a bat, shooting pool, throwing a ball, and more recently switching my mouse from right to left.  And I can use my mouse left-handed with the buttons reversed in opposition to the right hand as well as use a mouse left-handed with the buttons in the same order as most would use right-handed.

And because of my being a twin, an artist, and having a very creative nature, I took to my left-handedness like a fish to water.  I tried to write with my right hand recently, and I couldn’t even do it!  Not like I used to, anyway.  But I stick to my leftiness no matter what.

And now, a list of famous lefties…

Paul McCartney

Jimi Hndrix

Joe Perry

Barack Obama

Bill Clinton

Tommy Iommi

Wayman Tisdale

Richard Pryor

Oprah Winfrey

Morgan Freeman

50 Cent


John Cena

Angelina Jolie

Whoopi Goldberg

Paul Michael Glaser

Ben Stiller

Albert King

Justin Bieber

Kurt Cobain

Dick Dale

Bart Simpson

Stan Lee

Bill Gates

Matthew Broderick

Bernie Mac

For further information, Google Search:  Famous Left Handed People.

And now, without further adieu, here are some videos that commemorate this iconic holiday for us left handed folks,

Enjoy the clips,