I’ve said it many times before, and will continue to say it more often.  As a photographer, sometimes things find you!  Which actually takes a lot of guess work away from finding random objects to shoot and share with the virtual world.  With that being said, I’ll just dive into what may (hopefully) whet the appetite of the average automobile connoisseur.  So here goes!

After work, I came across this vintage MOPAR at an independent car dealership on Gratiot Ave in Clinton Twp, MI, and I had seen it there for quite some time.  At first glance, I thought it was either a Road Runner/GTX (same vehicle).  It lacked outside emblems with the exception of the Plymouth emblem on the rear bumper.  I eventually went to the dealer and asked if I could take some pics, and thankfully he said yes.  The car wasn’t the Road Runner, per se, but it did, however, have the Road Runner powertrain, which was good enough.  The following pics should should explain quite a bit.

Some further information:

1973 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus w/ Road Runner engine.  $9995.00 (The price may have been reduced as of late)

This car is for sale at :

Inside America Foundation Auto Sales

33500 Gratiot, Clinton Township, MI 48036

Office 586/738-6431, Fax 586/231-0085

Ask for John R., Sales Manager,



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