Camera Art-Watermarked

It’s been said that if you do something long enough, it becomes second nature.  I’ll admit that being a photographer does at times make you an opportunist, but in a positive way, thankfully.

As I share some graphic design with you on this, it’s just one of my many gifts that God has blessed me with.  I am seriously considering using this either as a logo, or to make t-shirts, without my name on the logo, obviously.  I was actually outdone with how this turned out.  I used Ribbet (a Picnik knockoff, and later a better version of it), and took a pitch black background either from a discontinued website, or a Google Image Search.  And I used stickers as shapes, and this lovely prototype had come out along with some text added.

I will be utilizing my graphic design background more fully, if the Good Lord wills it.

Hope you like the pic.