As I prepare for my layover in suburbia, I utilize a few free hours in one of the parking structures.  Notwithstanding the title of this entry, per se, because no one really knows the history behind this image.  The car might be broke down, it could’ve been super early when the driver had came in today.  Whatever the case may be, it shows poor judgment one the one hand, but on the other hand, no one knows the backstory behind this.  The point is, it definitely is an Inconvenience to the other drivers who are looking for a spot and there’s some two-tone, beat-up obsolete hooptie that’s taking up two parking spaces.  More than enough to boil your blood, mine did!

So I said to myself, “I’m gonna take a picture of this for my daily photo journal!”

And here it is!

Thankfully, I took this much more lightly than that of most folks.  It’s just the principle of the whole thing…